What is ISOLTX™ GRC-A?

ISOLTX™ is a GRC-A Software that was developed by Crest Advisory Africa in partnership with one of the leading Universities in South Africa to assist with the implementation of a Management System or a combination of Management Systems.

ISOLTX™ is the Global leader in integrating GRC with 4.0 Technology, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to ensure that you obtain a Bird’s Eye View of what is happening in your company, where it is happening and why. With our Real-Time Predictive Business Intelligence (BI), ISOLTX™ GRC-A is undoubtedly the leader in the Governance: Risk: Compliance; Assurance (GRC-A).

So, what is GRC-A?

We specialize in implementing Integrated Risk Management systems by building the best and most effective Assurance system for our clients. ISOLTX™ provides Assurance to Governance, Risk, Compliance, Audit and Incident Management, across 23+ Global Best Practices.

ISOLTX™ measures the health and maturity of the Management System or Systems and drives combined assurance to Top Management regarding their ROI or return on investment.

Governance, Risk & Assurance

This is the first and only system globally that:

  • Provides combined assurance
  • Serves as a repository for evidence
  • Measures the Level of Risk (LoR)
  • Measures the Level of Assurance (LoA)
  • Enables remote auditing

Benefits of becoming a Value Added Reseller

ISOLTX™ GRC-A has a uniform pricing standard for all Value Added Resellers which
gives you exclusive access to the following Revenue streams:

  • ISOLTX™ GRC-A Platform
  • Modular Add-ons
  • Annual License Fee (ALF)
  • ISOLTX™ GRC-A License Fees
  • Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF)
  • Annual Maintenance And Support (AMS)
  • Solution Implementation (CAPEX)
  • ISOLTX™ GRC-A Compliance Solution
  • Configuration
  • Training Administrator
  • Training User
  • Solution Training

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