What is ISOLTX-I²MAS™?

Well, this is a futuristic and forward-looking Incident and Investigation Management Assurance System and the abbreviation I² represents the Incident and Investigation
part of the Management Assurance System.
This article will challenge your thinking about I² software. ISOLTX-I²MAS™ is currently
the market leader in futuristic thinking within the I² software space.

ISOLTX-I²MAS™ and integrated Incident Management

ISOLTX-I²MAS™ is the only I² software which makes provision for every type of
Incident, based on the International Standards Organisation (ISO) global best
practices in every environment, such as:
• Occupational Health and Safety Incidents (ISO 45001)
• Security Incidents (ISO 18788)
• Business Continuity Incidents (ISO 22301)
• Quality Incidents (ISO 9001)
• Environmental Incidents (ISO 14001)
• Medical Devices (ISO 13485)
• Etc.

Provision has been made currently for 15 various ISO standards with every type of
incident included in this comprehensive, integrated ISOLTX-I²MAS™.
Many Incident Management Systems are just used for incident capturing; thus, it is
just a depository which can provide reporting on the basic information, which you as
an entity has configured, based on your knowledge of your own environment.

ISOLTX-I²MAS™ and Investigation Management

Investigation management has its own uniqueness in every ISO as mentioned above.
But essentially, the basics stay the same. Follow the evidence and ensure that your
evidence leads to the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) which needs to be conducted.
If one looks at an Occupational Health and Safety perspective, the objective would be
Duty of Care and the prevention of Injuries on Duty (IoD). From a Business Continuity
perspective, one would be looking and the disruption of services and products and the
criticality of each disruption or interruption. The RCA will be different from an IoD. From
a Quality perspective, the product and services will be investigated and how this can
be improved, through the RCA of the business process, the Ishikawa or Fishbone RCA
analysis. From a Security perspective, it would be what was lost, broken and the Intend
and unlawfulness of the incident.

ISOLTX-I²MAS™ and Risk Based Thinking

Risk Management has evolved over the past 10-15 years, where GRC systems has
only started to address risk about 10 years ago. The ISO environment has undergone
a dramatic evolution to incorporate Risk Based Thinking (RBT) into every standard
issued since 2015 (e.g.: Iso 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18788, ISO 22301, etc.).
This has placed tremendous demands on the I² software to adapt to these new
demands. Most of these I² software’s are still treading water in this regard as their
methodology is stuck and build on old methodologies.

With ISOLTX-I²MAS™, we analysed over 15 ISO standards and integrated all the
requirements into the ISOLTX-I²MAS™ software, with measurements based on purist
Risk Management Methodologies, incorporating Risk Based Thinking (RBT)
The I²MAS can not only report on the aggregated incidents, it can categorise it in
support of your Industry Specific International Best Practices. The ISOLTX-I²MAS™
can provide for the following:
• Level of Risk (LoR) of each incident
• Level of Assurance (LoA) as a result of the incident
• Internal Control Effectiveness (ICE) on each of the P²ST² 1Management Controls
• Document Assessment Matrix (DAM) on each control assessed.

BI vs PI

What is this? Business intelligence(BI) comprises the strategies and technologies
used by enterprises for the data analysis of business information. BI technologies
provide historical, current, and limited predictive views of business operations.
Predictive Intelligence (PI) is a method of delivering experiences unique to each
individual or organisation. It enables users to observe subject or incident behaviour, and
with every action taken, build a profile of customer, subject or incident preferences. That
information is then used to deliver content specific to each customer, subject or incident
in real time—across any web-based channel like the web, email, mobile or even a call

Sounds like personalization, right? It is, only better. That’s because Predictive Intelligence
uses algorithms to deliver content based on estimates of what the customer, subject or
incident wants or needs. It anticipates the intent of the customer, subject or incident —
then provides a unique recommendation based on what has been observed.
Can your I² software do this?
ISOLTX-I²MAS™: Integrated Management Systems (IMS)
1 P²ST²: Formula used in Risk Management to assess the Management Controls: NM Snyman: 2020
ISOLTX-I²MAS™ is unique in this space, as it takes the methodologies of various
disciplined, ISO, SOX, King IV, Audit (IPPF and ISO 19011) and integrates it into one
comprehensive system.

This is providing a standardised approach to what is needed from each system and
measuring the health of each of these systems separately and collectively.
The system makes provision for Application Programming Interface (API), to integrate
the various governance software into one system and to provide the best available
analytics and reporting on this software.
Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), etc
AI and ML is the future of any software and if your current I² software do not provide
you with a roadmap in this regard, it will be outdated in the next 2-5 years and you as
an entity, driving Corporate Governance and Combined Assurance, with have a
quantum leap to overcome, as your reporting will be limited and would lack,
suitability, relevancy, adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency.
With ISOLTX-I²MAS™, you will not have this challenge, as this is already incorporated
into our Integrated ISOLTX system, with a full R&D team working on improvements

The Way forward:

ISOLTX-I²MAS™ drives Performance and Certainty. ISOLTX-I²MAS™ software
developed by two industry leading partners, specialising in internationally recognised
and accredited Training, Advisory Services and Management System Certification
(MSC) entity specialising in Management Systems, whether ISO (Internationally), to
King IV or Sorbian Oxley (SOX). The second party is a leading University with all the
R&D and technical skills needed to build and configure your specific needs.
ISOLTX-I²MAS™ is part of the CAA offerings as a Platinum Accredited Partner of the
Professional Evaluation and Certification Board (PECB), based in Canada, under
licence of the International Accreditation Service (IAS) (California). This Elite status
and accreditation represent the professionality CAA addresses every assignment.
We provide all the various end to end services to drive business, which includes a
variety of Management System Toolkits, specifically designed for each standard.

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