ISOLTX™ BowtieXP™ Module

The Bowtie Method is a risk assessment technique that can be used to analyse and demonstrate casual relationships in high-risk scenarios. The method takes its name from the diagram that it creates that looks like a man’s tie.

BowTieXP™ is the most used risk assessment software globally that is based on the Bowtie Method, ISO 31010, and it enables you to easily create bowtie risk diagrams.

BowTieXP™ can visualize complex risks understandably while allowing for detailed risk-based improvement plans.

What to expect from ISOLTX™ BowTie™

  • The effectiveness of each barrier (control) can be measured, providing an Internal Control Environment (ICE)
  • The criticality of each barrier (control) can be measured
  • Each consequence can be rated against the organisation’s approved risk matrix
  • Reports can be exported from BowTie in either Word or Excel Format
  • Provide Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Incident Timeline
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