ISOLTX™ GRC-A: The Only BBBEE Level 1, 100% Black-Female Owned GRC-A Software Company

Written by: Faith Ngwenya

ISOLTX™ Assurance, Governance, Risk, Compliance and Audit

ISOLTX™ GRC-A is the only BBBEE Level 1 GRC-A software company that is 100% Black Female owned. This means that ISOLTX™ GRC-A possesses 135% procurement recognition.

The company is powered by Crest Advisory Africa, leaders in the Corporate Governance, Risk, Compliance and  Assurance spectrum. ISOLTX™ GRC-A is supported by one of the leading Universities in Southern Africa to ensure futuristic thinking and to embrace IR 4.0 methodologies

The functionality of ISOLTX™ GRC-A is the first of its kind and has been accepted by the PECB Certification Body, based in Canada, as a Best Practice for the Implementation and Auditing of Management Systems.

ISOLTX™ GRC-A Software

How Does ISOLTX™ GRC-A Work?

ISOLTX™ GRC-A simply measures the implementation and maintenance of the Management System against various criteria to determine the Level of Risk and Level of Assurance.

If more than one Management System is implemented, an overall view of all the Management Systems is provided to ensure Combined Assurance (King IV, Principle 15).

ISOLTX™ GRC-A specializes in implementing Integrated Risk Management systems by building the best and most effective Assurance system for our clients. ISOLTX™ GRC-A provides Assurance to Governance, Risk, Compliance, Audit and Incident Management, across 23+ Global Best Practices.

Different Modules Offered by ISOLTX™ GRC-A

ISOLTX™ Bowtie Module

ISOLTX™ BowtieXP™ Module

The Bowtie Method is a risk assessment technique that can be used to analyse and demonstrate causal relationships in high-risk scenarios. BowTieXP™ is the most used risk assessment software globally that is based on the Bowtie Method, ISO 31010, and it enables you to easily create bowtie risk diagrams.

BowTieXP™ can visualize complex risks understandably while allowing for detailed risk-based improvement plans.

ISOLTX™ Checklist Module

ISOLTX™ Checklists Module

Checklists are one of the most efficient ways to conduct Operational Risk Assessments (ORA). ISO 31010 provides a great detailed explanation of the Power of Checklists. The Checklist methodology developed by ISOLTX™ GRC-A is one-of-a-kind, looking at the effectiveness of the Internal Control Environment (ICE) and measuring it against the Level of Assurance (LoA) and the Level of Risk (LoR). This is a unique methodology in GRC-A software offered only through ISOLTX™ GRC-A. The system allows for in-house checklist development, placing the costs, controls and measurements in your hands, with no extra configuration costs.

ISOLTX™ Compliance Module

Service Level Agreement (SLA): Compliance & Performance

ISOLTX™ Compliance Module

  • SLA’s have specific compliance and performance KPA’s and KPI’s
  • These KPA’s and KPI’s are extremely important for the effective and efficient management of the performance of the SLA against the objectives of the company
  • ISOLTX™ GRC-A makes provision for a variety of measurements about SLA management
  • Every non-conformance, incident or finding, can be logged on the I²MAS module of ISOLTX™ GRC-A and this can generate reports regarding the SLA performance


I²MAS™ is the Risk-Based Incident and Investigation (I²) system, linked to the ISOLTX™ GRC-A System.

I²MAS™ is not the normal repository for the recording of Incidents and Investigations but is a Risk-Based System based on the strength of the Internal Control Environment (ICE) of every organisation.


I²MAS™ is built on the P²ST² Methodology. Very few software companies know of this methodology and can implement the aggregated strength of the ICE linked industry-leading practices.

ISOLTX™ Mobile Module

ISOLTX™ Mobile Module

  • ISOLTX™ Mobile (IM) is a uniquely developed system to register, log and record incidences, unique to your organisation, with minimal utilisation of text or script.
  • ISOLTX™ Mobile is based on a predetermined risk framework of an entity and the incidents are presented in icons, to guide any user through the easy logging of incidences.
  • The powerful analytics behind the ISOLTX™ Mobile is analysing big data and present the findings in various reportable forms.
  • This easy to use mobile dashboard is for the use of any registered user and can be applied anywhere in the world.
  • Behind each Icon (City, Police, etc.) there are scenarios typical to the relevant industry, which forms the standard for reporting, monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation
  • This system is currently operational and deployed within the freight industry from Dar es Salam to various cargo destinations in Africa.

ISOLTX™ Remote Auditing Module

ISOLTX™ Remote Audit Module

This software was evaluated by the certification body we are reporting to and approved as software that can be used for Remote Audit purposes. Crest Advisory Africa has been implementing the ISOLTX™  GRC-A Software as our In-house Auditing Software, to provide us with the Unique Value Proposition (UVP) to our customers, to save on travelling costs, accommodation costs and through these benefits, we could price our competitors out of the market. Through the use of ISOLTX™ GRC-A, we implemented a Lean Six Sigma process approach to optimise the Remote Auditing revenue stream.

ISOLTX™ Survey Module

ISOLTX™ Survey Module

According to ISO 9001 Quality Management an organisation must monitor their customers’ perceptions of the degree to which their needs and expectations have been fulfilled. This can be achieved through Surveys, conveniently packaged with ISOLTX™ GRC-A. The ISOLTX™ Survey Module has been developed with reusability in mind, allowing you to develop surveys of any type in-house.

Becoming a Value-Added Reseller

ISOLTX™ GRC-A has a uniform pricing standard for all Value-Added Resellers which
gives you exclusive access to the following Revenue streams:

  • ISOLTX™ GRC-A Platform
  • Modular Add-ons
  • Annual License Fee (ALF)
  • ISOLTX™ GRC-A License Fees
  • Annual Maintenance Fee (AMF)
  • Annual Maintenance and Support (AMS)
  • Solution Implementation (CAPEX)
  • ISOLTX™ GRC-A Compliance Solution
  • Configuration
  • Training Administrator
  • Training User
  • Solution Training

ISOLTX™ GRC-A is the true measure and driver of performance, providing organisations with the ability to lead with certainty in a rather uncertain world and environment that they operate in.

About The Author

Nonhlanhla Faith Ngwenya is an energetic and vibrant 29-year-old black woman, who is hardworking and driven. She brings forth 10 years of experience from the sales and marketing industry. Currently up-skilling on various ISO standards. The end goal is to be a recognized expert where international certified management systems are concerned. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact her at:

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