What to expect from ISOLTX™-I²MAS™

  • I²MAS™ is the Risk-Based Incident and Investigation (I²) system, linked to the ISOLTX™ GRC-A System.
  • I²MAS™ is not the normal depository for the recording of Incidents and Investigations but is a Risk-Based System based on the strength of the Internal Control Environment (ICE) of every organisation.
  • The I²MAS™ is built on the P²ST² Methodology. Very few software companies know of this methodology and can implement the aggregated strength of the ICE, linked industry-leading practices.

Log an incident

The Incident Log environment generates actionable data to start measuring the type of risks, the risk category and the risk related information.

This can be plotted on Google Maps to have an International View of the risk/incident occurrence.

Description of the incident

The description is critical in the reporting of incidents. Each incident is logged against a management system, to assess the status, health and functionality of the Management System (Risk, BCM, Medical, QMS, etc.)

The corrections, financial aspects etc, forms part of this recordable environment.

Control Self Assessment (CSA)

The incident process logging demands the continuous evaluation of the controls. Thus a P²ST² Control Self Assessment must be conducted and measured against the ICE Criteria.

The result is a holistic overview with specific results in terms of ICE% and LOR%.

The incident is plotted on the entities Risk Matrix through our dynamic dashboards.

Evidence Management

Evidence management is critical for any incident, as this could lead to liabilities costing the company millions. The I²MAS™ Evidence depository can work with any evidence, whether in writing, MP3 format, Voice Notes, JPEG, Videos, etc.

The depository is has a date and time stamp capability to ensure the evidence audit trail.

Exceptional Graphical Displays

Any type and shape of graphical designs can be provided, based on the client’s needs. ISOLTX™ GRC-A is built on Microsoft, thus PowerBI is part of the package to ensure your graphs are current.

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