What is ISOLTX™ Mobile™

  • ISOLTX™-Mobile™ (IM) is a uniquely developed system to register, log and record incidences, unique to your organisation, with minimal utilisation of text or script.
  • IM is based on a predetermined risk framework of an entity and the incidents are presented in icons, to guide any user through the easy logging of incidences.
  • The powerful analytics behind the IM is analysing the big data and present in various reportable forms.
  • This easy to use Mobile Dashboard is for the use of any registered user and can be applied anywhere in the world.
  • Behind each Icon (City, Police, etc.) there are scenarios typical to the industry, which forms the standard for reporting, monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation
  • This system is currently operational and deployed within the freight industry from Dar es Salam to various Ports in Africa.
  • The results below are an actual extraction of data out of the system.
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