ISOLTX™ Remote Auditing Module

The Risk of No Audits

Crest Advisory Africa (Pty) Ltd is a certified Auditing entity, Auditing for the International Standards Organisation (ISO) as well as conducting various internal and external audits for our clients.

COVID-19 has brought a challenge to the Auditing environment, with regards to the On-Site Auditing we are engaged to conduct. This has led to:

  • The de-certification of companies, losing the International certification until they can be audited
  • The risk for Boards and companies, to conduct their annual or scheduled audits
  • The risk of not auditing their supplier base
  • The risk of not auditing their customers
  • Etc.

From In-House-Best-Practice to a Global Competitor

With the Crest Advisory Africa global footprint, we have solved this challenge by building our unique ISOLTX™  GRC-A software over the past 3 years. This software was evaluated by the certification body we are reporting to and approved as software that can be used for Remote Audit purposes. Crest Advisory Africa has been implementing the ISOLTX™  GRC-A Software as our In-house Auditing Software, to provide us with the Unique Value Proposition (UVP) to our customers, to save on travelling costs, accommodation costs and through these benefits, we could price our competitors out of the market. Through the use of ISOLTX™  GRC-A, we implemented a Lean Six Sigma process approach to optimise the Remote Auditing revenue stream.

Why ISOLTX™ Remote Auditing?

With a view minor security changes implemented by our developers, we have changed this advanced Remote Auditing Software from an In-House, Unique Value Proposition (UVP) for our clients, to a Remote Auditing Software for:

  • Auditing Companies
  • Independent Auditors
  • Chartered Accountants,
  • Standards Organisation’s
  • etc.
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